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Boost Your SALES at a Lower Cost by Outsourcing Your Call Center Services

Increase satisfaction and provide extended service cost-effectively by outsourcing your call center services with Globe Call Centre.


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    Services We Are Offering

    Inbound Call Center Services

    Experience Inbound Call Center Services with Globe Call Centre, Our dedicated and shared call agents, providing your customers with an exceptional calling experience while delivering results-oriented performance.

    • Phone Answering Services
    • Live Chat Outsourcing
    • IVR services
    • Customer Support Call Center
    • Help Desk Call Center
    • Order Processing Services
    • Emergency Call Center
    • Claims Processing Services
    • Direct Response Call Center
    • Email Response Service

    Outbound Call Center Services

    Increase lead conversion with our outbound call center services, Our dedicated agents, leveraging their expertise to help attract prospects and beat key performance indicators to ensure success.

    • Telemarketing Call Center 
    • B2B Telemarketing 
    • Lead Generation Call Center
    • Customer Winback
    • Debt Collection Call Center


    Fully dedicated team to provide
    the best call center services

    The key advantage of our call center services is that we assist multiple industries and businesses in saving money. This is due to the fact that by outsourcing their call center needs, companies avoid having to invest in costly equipment, employees, software, or space for an in-house call center.

    Another advantage of our world-class call center services is that they save time. When businesses are not required to attend to customers or clients, they may use the time saved for other critical parts of client services or business growth.

    Finally, many businesses will benefit from the Globe Call Centre team’s specialised knowledge. We educate all of our agents to handle calls more professionally and efficiently. In this manner, you can be certain that your clients/customers receive the attention and answers they require.

    Appointment Scheduling

    Effectively handle all your appointment booking, no more double booking.

    Remote Receptionist

    Remote receptionists to look after your patients 24/7, whenever they call.

    Customer Satisfaction Survey

    We deploy customer outreach surveys to help gather actionable insights.

    Customer Access Solution

    Increase appointment rates by offering the customer an online, self-service portal for scheduling.

    Contact Center Consultation

    Our customer care support experts are ever-present to help you manage customer concerns at scale.

    Pharmacy Assistance

    Assist in managing e-prescription drug claims and answering inbound queries.

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      Rob Daley Easy Transport Inc.

      Very robust platform - covers all of our needs - at a fair price.

      James R. The Connell Group

      My favorite thing about Globe Call Centre is that they are always working to improve their call quality. They pride on providing quality services and a great user experience. Highly recommended.

      George Welsh Welsh Technologies

      Globe Call Centre has helped us scale in a way that we didn’t think was possible.